ABQKB-MMA Programs

Real Kickboxing & MMA

Real Kickboxing is a kickboxing conditioning class that improves endurance, strength, muscle tone, coordination and
flexibility while working on the bag. Why do we call it Real Kickboxing? Because it is just that! Instructors who are actual kickboxers, with sparring and competition experience, in addition to fitness knowledge, teach these classes. So while you are getting a no injury fitness workout you are also learning authentic kickboxing skills. You can burn over 800-1000 calories in one class!! In addition to burning calories and fat you also get resistance training in every class, which will help you, tone up and build that chiseled physique.

Authentic Muay Thai

Kick, punch, elbow, knee! Muay Thai is one of the best sports for physical conditioning. Muay Thai students learn to move fluently between kicking, punching, kneeing, elbowing and clinching. We provide the finest Muay Thai training in Bernalillo County. Whether you're looking to compete, gain some practical self-defense skills, become an instructor in Muay Thai, or just get in the best shape of your life, Albuquerque Kickboxing can help you to reach your goals.
Combat Submission Wrestling

ABQ Kickboxing & MMA is proud to be an official Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) Training Center, offering an MMA program that draws from a wide array of combative arts included in Erik Paulsonís CSW: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Vale Tudo, STX-Savate Thai Xross- Training, Boxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Freestyle and Greco-Roman Wrestling, Shooto, Catch-as-catch-can wrestling and Judo. This is a true MMA program, offering a high intensity blend of mixed and art-specific classes intended to cover the sporting aspects of fighting.

Open Mat / Sparring *Supervised

The sparring and open mat times are here to help improve your skills, practice live drills and ask questions. During this hour you can work on drills and technique, free roll grapple, spar stand-up, or do a combination of these.  These hour and fifteen minute time slots are open to all students, so bring a training partner and be ready for an expert instructor to help you gain skill.


Our PRO / AM Fighter Training program is designed specifically and only for professional & amateur fighters. We offer a complete program designed to give each fighter what he or she will need to compete at a world-class level. The program is based in one on one coaching combined with team practice times so that 'no stone is left unturned' when it comes to fight day. Our team has competed across the country and won at numerous levels. The training is rigorous, only the most disciplined athletes should PRO / AM Fighter Training. Our PRO / AM Fighter Training is by invitation only. You must join as a regular student to be evaluated by the coaching staff no matter how skilled you believe yourself to be. Most students begin studying either or both Muay Thai, CSW or BJJ.

Personal Training

Our certified personal trainers offer customized nutrition, exercise, weight loss, toning and rank advancement programs to fit your needs. From muscle building to fat loss you will notice the difference with one-on-one training!






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